BUKC 24 hr: Sun, Sea and... Skool Days?

The last BUKC event of the year is done, and it went very well all things considered. After a very long, hot, but very fun 24 hours our team finished 29th out of the 56 teams that participated, clocking in at just over 1000 laps of the circuit by the end of the race! At one point, a comfortable top 20 finish seemed within reach, as by sunset on Saturday we had settled in around 16th place, however a few technical issues overnight took their toll.

Despite this, I think everyone drove incredibly well, with special mentions going to Albert for making up over 20 places in his first stint (before driving 3 hours back to university campus just to attend skooldayz, then driving back to do his second stint on Sunday morning!!), and to Tyler for still managing a second stint after burning his hand pretty badly on the exhaust (wear your gloves, people), with me having to fill in for his scheduled night stint.

This has undoubtedly been an incredible first year in the club for me and many others, and all of the BUKC and other events have been an absolute blast! I cannot wait to be leading the team next year, and if you’re interested in doing the BUKC with us next year, look out for test day sign-ups at the start of next term - I look forward to seeing you there!

So thank you to everyone who participated this year in both this event and any other BUKC event, and to everyone who’s supported us this year.

And finally, special mentions going out to David, who’ll be stepping down from now as BUKC Captain, as well as Albert, Angel, Joe Perkins, Sam Stephens and Chris Miles, who’ll also be sadly leaving us this year. It was great to race alongside all of you, and maybe see you next year on the 24hour Grads team…!

Jake Palmer, BUKC Captain 22/23

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