Here are some Frequently Asked Questions from new members!

Do I have to be a competitive or experienced racer to join Warwick Motorsport?

Absolutely not! Whilst the more experienced racer will certainly have exciting opportunities through BUKC, our casual karting and social events are great ways for any motorsport fan to make friends and have fun regardless of ability. 

What passes do I need to purchase to join Warwick Motosport?

  • All sports clubs require payment of the Sports Federation Fee (£32.00)

  • Warwick Motorsport is an Off-Campus Club, and so requires purchase of the Off-Campus Membership (£31.00)​

[If you already have the On-campus Membership (£66.00), you need-not purchase the Off-Campus Membership]

  • Finally, you will need to purchase the Motorsport Standard Membership (£6.00 for students)

All memberships are annual. More information can be found here. Click here for the membership portal.

Do you have a Freshers Chat for 2022/23?

We do indeed have a WhatsApp Freshers Chat! To join click here on your preferred device.