We are rapidly approaching Week 9 of Term 2 which means it will soon be time again for our Annual General Meeting, or AGM!!! During this meeting, we will recap the past year and, of course, elect the new exec committee for the academic year 2022/23!! You’ll find the role descriptions below, along with the names of the people who currently hold those roles. If you wish to officially nominate yourselves, please fill in the google form linked at the bottom of this page with a couple of bullet points for your presentation during the AGM. In those bullet points, briefly describe what position you would like to go for and why you would be a good fit for the role you’re running for. Your presentation should not take longer than 3-4 minutes, it will be followed by a brief Q&A with the members. Each person who will nominate themselves before the meeting will have a slide dedicated to them during the AGM. If you have any questions about the roles or the process, please don’t hesitate to ask!


President [Albert Legutko] – Responsible for running the entire club. You will oversee and manage the exec committee and their activities, organise and chair exec meetings, liaise with the Sports Officer and the SU and act as the main face of the club. You will also work with the President of Coventry Karting to book Varsity. Good leadership, organisation, problem solving, and communication skills are essential, as is a strong passion for the club and a willingness to dedicate your time to ensure the smooth running of the club.


Vice President [Martijn Hoogeveen]– The President’s right hand man/woman. You will be responsible for club administration, sponsorship (together with the Head of Sponsorship) and charity events. You must also be able to stand in for the President if necessary.

Treasurer [Chris Miles] – Responsible for the club’s finances. You will manage the club accounts, organise budget applications, work with the Vice President and the Head of Sponsorship on sponsorship and ultimately ensure the club does not fall into debt. Good mathematical and communication skills and integrity are essential.


BUKC Captain [David Macbeth] – Responsible for the club’s participation in the BUKC. You will communicate with the BUKC, pick teams, organise transport and hotels, arrange payments for BUKC rounds and lead the team on test and race days as well as organising anything else BUKC related. Good leadership, organisation, communication, and problem-solving skills are essential.


Events Co-ordinator (x2) [Rana Menon] – Responsible for organising casual karting events. You will organise 2 or 3 events per term, including the all-important Freshers event at the start of Term 1. You will book the events, organise transport and manage signups. You will also work with the Publicity and Merchandise officer to promote each event. Good organisation, communication and negotiation skills are essential.


Driver Development Officer (x2) – Responsible for running the Driver Development Program. As a pair, you will be responsible for booking the van, arranging signups and transport, maintaining, and preparing the karts before, during and after each DDP day and buying new parts/equipment as and when they are needed. Good teamwork skills are useful as you will have to work together to ensure these days run smoothly. Knowledge of kart maintenance is essential – if you have little or no knowledge then you MUST be willing to learn by assisting with one or two of the remaining DDPs this year.


Social Sec (x2) [Albert Legutko/Martijn Hoogeveen] – Responsible for organising all social events, including circles, nights out, bar crawls, F1 race viewings, spectating at races and anything else you can think of. You will organise and run these socials, ensuring they meet the SU’s standards so that the club does not get into any trouble. You should have good organisation skills, the confidence and character to lead socials and have plenty of creative ideas.


Publicity and Merchandise [Nicholas Jordan] – Responsible for the promotion of the club and ordering kit. You will run our social media accounts and make sure the club maintains its social media presence, as well as arranging promotion of the club through physical promotional methods and other digital methods such as the Big Screen. You are also responsible for the club’s kit.


Head of Sponsorship [James Swift] - Together with the Publicity and Merchandise officer, you will work on promoting our club through social media and other promotional activity. Together with the Vice President and the Treasurer, you will also work on potential sponsorship deals for the club from outside of the SU. Good coordination, communication and negotiation skills are essential.


Post-Graduate Office [Chris Miles] – The Post-Graduate officer will focus on ensuring post-graduate students are accommodated within the club. The post-graduate community is perhaps the hardest to reach and engage with, so this person will ensure, through social media, PHD groups and returner-events, that this community is aware of our campus presence and welcomed to all our events.