As a club, we own and run a couple of 2-stroke racing karts. These karts are even faster than the Club100 karts that are used in BUKC! Usually twice a term, we will take our karts down to our local outdoor track Whilton Mill and run them around for a day. The karts are maintained and run by our Driver Development Officers, who along with other senior club members will also give you tuition to help you improve as a driver. This is an opportunity not to be missed - we are one of a very small number of university motorsport clubs who can offer these types of events! Find upcoming DDP sign-up forms below!

What passes do I need to purchase to join Warwick Motosport?

DDP Term 1
28 Apr, 19:00
Whilton Mill
  • All sports clubs require payment of the Sports Federation Fee (£32.00)

  • Warwick Motorsport is an Off-Campus Club, and so requires the purchase of the Off-Campus Membership (£31.00)

[If you already have the On-campus Membership (£66.00), you need-not purchase the Off-Campus Membership]

  • Finally, you will need to purchase the Motorsport Standard Membership (£6.00 for students)

More information can be found here. Click here for the membership portal.